What Is Your Child or Teen’s Motivation Personality Style?

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The Self-Motivation Success Academy

Discover my unique, stress-free method for unlocking your child or teen’s motivation and potential. This plan focuses on nurturing your family’s unique strengths and values, transforming your child’s academic and social life, while also fostering a connected, supportive family environment.

It’s not about the quantity of motivation that your child or teen has, it’s about the quality. Think of your child or teen’s ability to self-motivate as a ‘Motivation Muscle’. Just like any muscle in the body, it can be strengthened and developed with the right exercises and techniques. My Self-Motivation Success Formula offers the perfect ‘workout’ for this muscle, combining independence, mastery, and connection to build resilience and self-drive. Through consistent practice and tailored strategies, your young person will not only learn to initiate tasks independently but will also find joy in achieving goals and overcoming challenges, leading to a more self-motivated, confident, and successful future.


Every Young Person has a Unique Motivation Personality…

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The Self-Motivation Success Framework

How Does Your Young Person Get From Unmotivated to Motivated?

Below is the science-backed framework that I use to help kids and teens go from unmotivated and uninterested to motivated and EXCITED!! 

Self-Motivation Success Academy

Make Your Child’s Potential For Great Things a Reality

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What Is The Self-Motivation Success Academy (SMSA)?

SMSA is a 4-week, interactive video-based training program that teaches science-based, effective strategies to parents who want to stop their child or teen’s downslide into poor grades and guide them into fulfilling their natural potential for academic, social, and life success.

Whether your young person is failing all their classes or they’re doing OK but you KNOW they could be doing better, SMSA will give you the tools needed to help your child get better grades, pursue interesting passions and hobbies, and become proud of themselves in the process!